Party On Demand

We are your first option for the perfectly curated party experiences that you need to Celebrate Life More Often!

How we work.

1 You either build your party or select a party package to your liking, that provides the best party experience for your party or event. Then, one of our party experts will get in touch with you to make sure all your bases are covered and you have everything that you need. After that we will confirm the party for you!

2 After confirmation the Party Expert crew then gets the ball rolling by getting all your party needs together and ready for your event or party. The party Experts then assign all personnel and talent to your party and give them explicit instructions based on your request, from there we are off to serve you.

3 The day of the event we will contact you to make confirm arrival and go over final details and then send out our field team to fulfill your request. Our field team then arrives at the event to help you every step of the way while you can take a breather and enjoy your guest. From Set-up to Break-down we guarantee the perfect event.

Office Staff

We have a full in-office staff to help organize and deliver the party to you in a timely and effective manner. If you need guided help from a live person, our staff is there to walk you through the curation process and ensuring that you are getting everything you need to have the best party experience possible.

Field Experts

Leave all the heavy lifting to us! Our field experts will be there to make sure your party is set-up and braek-down correctly. We have party starters, such as DJs, dancers, a party animal and more to ensure the party gets started. Our team of experts will be there to ease your mind while you enjoy your party !

Vetted Talent

All of our talent that we use and send out to your party or event has been thoroughly vetted for professionalism and actual talent. Everyone from a DJ to a fire breather to a break dancer and even our bartenders are held to the highest standard to represent our Party on Demand brand!

Catering Options

We have partnerships with the best food catering options available with almost unlimited options. Through Grubhub, UberEats, Postmates and more we are able to get the food to you while it's still hot and ready for your party. We have our expert staff there ready to serve you and your guest.

Who we are.

We are the curated party experts that have vetted talent partners, the best catering options, beautiful decor and furniture; all while being convenient, cost effective and most importantly FAST! With the dedicated party starter staff by your side you can find every way to celebrate life as much as possible. Find out more and meet your party on demand friendly staff and expert party team.

Willie G

Founder and CEO


Talent Director


Field Manager

Demi Lobo

Office Manager

Words From Our CEO

My father died from HIV & CANCER, my best friend and co -founder’s father, died from a sudden heart attack. Both of our fathers would always preach “CELEBRATE LIFE” more often. They both would take opportunities to celebrate life as much as possible at every milestone whether big or small. The source of inspiration behind our company is our dads. PARTY ON DEMAND mission is to help people “Celebrate life more often”. So the Best way to do that is to create an AIRBNB for Party Supplies.That’s Exactly what we did. We launched in Analog/Stealth mode with a goal of doing 100 parties. We have now done 350 parties in less 4 months and counting.

Willie G